Commercial / Office

We have established a reputation for commercial design, including small office build outs to large commercial office buildings while keeping budget, energy efficiency and economic return on investment in mind throughout the design process.  Our team works to serve clients by improving and developing building systems to maximize resources, reduce risk and optimize productivity.



HG stays ahead of the competition to deliver academic and sports facilities ranging from early education to college school projects.  With exceptional experience in education facilities design we strive to deliver projects incorporating innovative solutions producing well balanced educational spaces with the latest ever changing educational environment to maximize student learning and performance.  We provide anywhere from classroom renovations to new school facilities / sports complexes.


Hospitality / Food Service

HG is well versed in the design and engineering of the restaurant and hotel marketplace, with extensive experience in full service restaurants down to small coffee shops, and as high ranged as high rise hotel buildings.  Our team integrates client needs and listens to expectations in order to provide a cost efficient building system meeting all required standards and code requirements.



HG understands the importance of patient oriented care, meeting the healthcare systems everyday operational and functional needs.  HG helps to provide innovated solutions to ensure we meet the clients expectations incorporating the every changing and updating industry standards and patient dynamics meeting the complexity of the healthcare requirements.


Storage / Multi-Level Storage

HG over the years has built an inventory of storage project experience providing storage facilities with optimum indoor air quality, humidity and temperature conditions.  Our team can provide a fast and efficient design timeline meeting all client requirements in order to meet budget and construction timelines.



HG has a team of experienced engineers and designers who are knowledgeable in the construction, planning and programming of our federal and state/local government facilities.  HG can deliver energy and cost efficient solutions to meet the government criteria of the most critical government program requirements.